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Industry-Oriented Process Solutions

Paint & Coatings

The LIST process solutions are often used in the paint and coating industry due to its ability to process certain products without using solvents, i.e. bulk polymerization. The unique design provides constant surface renewal that improves heat transfer and minimizes the diffusion and mass transfer limitations.

The results are improved product quality, lower operating cost, increased safety, and more efficient overall processing.


  • Adhesives, Coatings
  • Ammonium polyphosphate (APP)
  • Carboxyl-methyl-cellulose (CMC)
  • Flame retarder

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Title Description Language Year Download
LIST technology for the Drying of Paint Sludges with Solvent Recovery

The increase in the amounts of paint and lacquer sludges from industrial processes combined with more stringent legislation, reduction in available land-fills, escalating costs, and the increasing pressure for residues to be processed at the point of origin has created a tremendous incentive for the development of new and economic concepts and techniques for their minimisation.

English 2005
Trocknen von Lackschlämmen

Allphasen-Knettrockner in geschlossener Bauweise sind gut geeignet, krustende oder zähe Zwischenphasen ohne Trockengutrückführung direkt zu trocknen.

Deutsch 1993
Knettrockner Klärschlämme Lackschlämme

Für die Trocknung von Klär-/Lackschlamm, Destillationsrückständen und Waschlösungen sind Knettrockner besonders gut einsetzbar.

Deutsch 1992