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Single-Shaft KneaderReactors

The extremely versatile LIST Single Shaft KneaderReactors are in successful operation in a wide range of industrial-scale process applications, for example

The innovative design features a single mixing shaft whose kneading elements intermesh with static counter-hooks which are attached to the process housing to provide a self-cleaning effect. The rotational speed and geometry of the mixing shaft and kneading elements are custom designed to optimize the efficiency of the process. With an operating volume up to 20 m3, it provides the capacity to handle the largest production capacities.

Typical design specifications

  • Volume: 7 … 20´000 l  [0.08 … 703 ft3]
  • Operating pressure: 0.0001…16.0…100 bar(a) [0.00145…230…1450 psia]
  • Operating temperature: -100 … +400 °C [-148 … 752 °F]
  • Operation mode: Batch or Continuous
  • Installed Power: … 2.5 MW [… 3350 hp]
  • Torque: … 500 kNm [… 368’800 lbf ft]
  • Drive: Hydraulic drive units or electric motor with or without frequency converter
  • Shaft seal: Stuffing box or mechanical seal
  • Product wetted material: Carbon steel, Austenitic stainless steels, Duplex stainless steel, Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy, Titanium or other materials required in the process industry