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LIST Technology AG - Your Partner for High Viscosity Technology

About LIST Technology AG

We are the worldwide leader in high viscosity technology. Our core technology was developed nearly 50 years ago by Heinz List, an exceptionally gifted inventor. In the beginning, the technology was applied to processes requiring drying, mixing and reacting of viscous, sticky and crumbly products. Later we focused the development of our technology specifically on intensifying industrial processes.

Our technology is well recognized in the process industries, especially in polymers and elastomers. We are proud to have set technological benchmarks in several applications. It is our goal to revolutionize other branches of the process industries by helping manufacturers with LIST Technology to achieve an environmental friendly, sustainable and efficient process technology.

Today, more than ever, modern processing technology must be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Whenever we can meet both of these objectives and save money at the same time, success is almost guaranteed. LIST Technology, with little or no use of solvents, fulfills these requirements ideally.