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LIST TechnologyCenter

The LIST TechnologyCenter in Switzerland, provides the equipment and expertise to conduct a wide range of process- and product-testing. Customers can evaluate and confirm their process feasibility while identifying and addressing potential challenges.

The TechnologyCenter is staffed by a team of engineers and technicians who specialize in identifying and resolving process challenges quickly and cost-effectively. Here, LIST engineers work closely with customers to identify the goals of the trials, to develop the test plan and to conclude the tests successfully.

The facility is fully equipped with a large number of LIST KneaderReactors, various feeding and discharging equipment, condensation units and data logging systems. The state-of-the-art facility operates in compliance with the latest standards for environmental protection, health, and safety.

The LIST TechnologyCenter can provide

  • Feasibility tests in batch or continous mode
  • Proof of concept (POC) tests
  • Process optimization
  • Scale-up evaluation
  • Long term reliability assessment
  • Production of samples for End-use evaluation
  • Product quality assessment