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Swiss-made industrial kneader reactors and more – LIST Technology AG

LIST Technology is a worldwide leader in high viscosity processing

LIST develops and manufactures kneaders to optimize industrial processes. Over the past 50 years we have supplied more than 600 pilot and industrial units around the globe. Since the foundation in 1966 LIST technology and expertise are changing the productivity and profitability of chemical processes around the world, creating additional success for our customers by developing innovative ideas and individual solutions for their very specific process challenges. We are focusing on processes that operate without the use of solvents, or processing in the concentrated phase to lower energy costs, material costs and production costs.

Take advantage of our new standards for modern, efficient and sustainable processing

Our target is to increase productivity and return and to create sustainable values by providing the most efficient technology to our clients from several branches. We develop and industrialize innovative solutions for the chemical, fiber, polymer & rubber, food, oil & gas, recycling & recovery, food & nutrition, agriculture, energy, paint & coatings industries that are setting new
standards for modern, efficient and sustainable processing. With over 50 years of experience and a large variety of laboratory KneaderReactors for high viscosity processing LIST technology is the right partner to develop your customized process trial.

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