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Twin Shaft KneaderReactors

Compared to the single-shaft units, LIST Twin-Shaft KneaderReactors offer even better mixing and kneading behavior, more effective self-cleaning properties and the more efficient renewal of boundary layers. These and many other features make the LIST Twin-Shaft KneaderReactor the best choice for processes such as,


In a LIST Twin-Shaft KneaderReactor, the high-torque shafts are designed to rotate in either the same direction or in counter-direction. In both cases, the kneading elements on the shafts intermesh to generate intensive surface renewal and mixing. At the same time, shear rates remain low. LIST Twin Shaft KneaderReactors are also nearly 100% self-cleaning.

Typical design specifications:

  • Volume: 3 … 10´000 l
  • Operating pressure: 0.001 … 10.0 bar (a)
  • Operating temperature: -100 … +400 °C
  • Operation mode: Batch or Continuous
  • Installed Power: … 1.5 MW
  • Torque: … 500 kNm
  • Drive: Hydraulic drive units or electric motor with or without frequency converter
  • Shaft seal: Stuffing box or mechanical seal
  • Product wetted material: Carbon steel, Austenitic stainless steels, Duplex stainless steel, Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy, Titanium or other materials required in the process industry