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New Tool for the Development of High-Performance Polymers at the University of Applied Sciences in Fribourg, CH

Cooperation with HEIA-FR as part of Hes-so – the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland

The department for chemical technology ChemTech at HEIA-FR are partnered with LIST Technology AG. The R&D scientists are equipped now with one of LIST KneaderReactors to perform solid-state and polymer chemistry without solvents or in the concentrated phase at temperatures up to 300°C and pressures from vacuum through 10 barg. The Twin Shaft KneaderReactor has a large surface area and excellent mixing properties and achieves excellent surface renewal and self-cleaning properties with low shear.

The LIST Technology laboratory system is designed for a plug and play installation in research and development facilities to develop various processes such as reactions, drying applications, polymerization, devolatilization, or mixing processes.

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