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  • 셀룰로오스 기반 섬유 (라이오셀)
  • 합성 섬유 (아라미드, 폴리아크릴로니트릴 (PAN))

섬유 산업의 경우 리스트는 천연(셀룰로오스 계)및 합성 섬유의 방사를 생산하는 솔루션을 상업용으로 여러 차례 입증된 최첨단 공정을 개발했습니다.

섬유 업계의 주요 공정 과제는 원재료를 용매에 균일하게 용해시켜 점성이 높고 무결점에 거의 거품이 없는 방사솔루션입니다. 리스트의 방사 솔루션의 우수한 품질 덕분에 모든 다운스트림 공정 단계가 상당히 쉬워지고 플랜트 경제성를 개선하는데 도움이 됩니다. 섬유 제조업자들은 리스트 방사용액으로 방사된 섬유가 기존의 방법으로 제조된 섬유보다 우수한 품질임을 알아냈습니다. 추가적으로 새롭고획기적인 기능성 섬유를 생산하기 위해 리스트 공정 솔루션을 적용할수 있습니다.


 Case Study:

고객이 관심가질 만한 공정들


Next Generation Fibers

From Lab Testing to Industrialization, discover how LIST helps knead wood into textile with one of the most advanced, environment-friendly cellulose-based fiber production technologies.

Perfect dissolving technology for very good fiber quality

For decades, conventional polymerisation has been the norm in the production of elastomers. The time and cost involved in removing and treating solvents in the final stages of production were acceptable. Yet as pressure builds on manufacturers to reduce operating costs, there is greater urgency to develop processes that can help streamline costs and production techniques. One such effort has yielded extremely promising results.

Perfect fiber quality from perfect dissolving technology

Fiber, filament, flies and foil are the final products of a complex process of mixing, dissolving, spinning, washing and drying of raw material. Many specialists believe that the spinning part is the only relevant processing step for the final fiber quality. This belief falls short, as the fiber quality also depends on the dissolving step before the spinning step.

Improved Lyocell dissolving system

The Iyo cell fiber process is developed to transform cellulose to a man-made cotton-like fiber. The lyocell process includes a number of processing steps. The dissolving step is the most important one. It represents the heart of the lyocell technology. Kneaders developed by List AG, Arisdorf/Switzerland, are successfully applied for the continuous dissolving step whereby raw materials of different origin can be processed and transferred into a spinabie dope.

Process flexibility and process safety

As world consumption of textile fibers expands with the rapid growth of Asia and other developing countries, sources of fibers other than cotton and rayon must be developed and brought to market to meet demand. Cellulose fibers (Lyocell fibers) can meet these expanding needs because of the specific qualities and characteristics of the fiber, as well as the vast availability of the raw materials.

Innovative Weiterentwicklung der Lyocell Tehnologie

Der LYOCELL-Prozess ist eine moderne umweltfreundliche Möglichkeit zur Umwandlung von verschiedensten cellulosischen Rohmaterialien der Natur in Fasern, Filamente und Folien zur weiteren Verarbeitung in der Textilindustrie, der Verpackungsindustrie oder als Strukturbildner in technischen Anwendungen. Die Nassreißfestigkeit der LYOCELL-Faser übertrifft sogar die der Bauwollfaser.

Optimization of cellulose dissolution stage

LIST further optimized the cellulose dissolution technology, which was introduced in 1992. This succeeded the production of excellent spinning solution qualities, produced from a variety of low cost raw materials. The technology fulfils the current high safety standards.

Continous dissolution process of cellulose in NMMO

A new dissolution process for cellulose spinning solution was developed. As Basis for the new process served the classic cellulosic fiber production process. In the last 30 years or so the conventional viscose process became environmentally critical. Evaluated with regard to its environmental viability it was found to create considerable water and air pollution. This conclusion ignited the research and development of new technologies with less environmental impact.